It was an early morning today in preparation for a long day of travel. After a late night at the Cher concert, being up by 6am was not very fun – but it was necessary to finish (very) last minute prep and kiss our baby goodbye. Poor Koda doesn’t understand where we are going or when we will be back but we know she is in very good hands with Mom and Dad. Huge thanks to Big Bob for waking up early and driving us to the airport (then battling rush hour traffic to get back home)! 

The hardest part about going away has always been saying goodbye to our loved ones. When you leave, everyone is in good health but you never know what could happen while you are gone. I have been told time and time again that life is short and you can’t let the unknown keep you at home, but it still doesn’t mean that leaving is easy. For this trip, however, knowing we were flying premium economy made leaving a little bit easier.

With our P.E. status we breezed through check-in and were given a fast-track through security – this alone was well worth the upgrade. From drop off to sitting at our gate within 25 minutes! Off to a good start!

When we finally boarded the plane we were treated to bottles of water and little pillows – sure glad we both packed neck pillows for the flight. More stuff to lug around for the next 3 weeks (in addition to the bonus bathing suit I discovered hiding in a secret pocket of my backpack while in the security lineup). Now all we had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the 4.5 hour flight to Montreal, which was much easier in the bigger seats. 

Two movies (Bohemian Rhapsody and What Men Want, in case you were wondering), a few beverages, a delicious omelette and a three-hour time warp later and we were on the ground at Trudeau airport. During the layover, we met a lovely family of four from Houston that were on their way to Paris for the first time. They had every single day of their trip planned out on cue cards. Now, I am a planner, but this even seemed a bit excessive to me. I hope they don’t run behind schedule at the Louvre because it could throw the entire itinerary off.  hahaha

After three hours in the airport, it was finally time to board our flight to Lisbon. Air Canada Rouge was a definite downgrade from the previous flight but there were only 6.5 hours to go! Time passed quickly – dinner, a movie (Fighting with my Family) and a snooze. By the time I woke up we were on our descent. Vacation officially started the moment we touched down.