Some of you are probably wondering…why Portugal? Well, why not Portugal? I had to laugh when someone at work said we were “on point” in our selction of Portugal as a travel destination – that it’s a hip, up-and-coming destination. Being “on point” is something that we are not well accustomed to being — like, at all, ever! We definitely didn’t choose Portugal because we wanted to be trendy. It’s actually a funny story story how we ended up here.

It all started when we were planning a trip to Amsterdam and Belgium. We were going to take in the windmills and tulips, drink some Belgian beer, eat some delicious chocolote and maybe buy some diamonds. Just as we were about to book our airfare, a close friend said we should go to Spain instead because the weather is better and there are beaches. Anyone that knows us would know that sun and beaches are two things we both love. So, the research on Spain begain.

I know you are thinking that Spain is NOT Portugal, which it most definitely isn’t – but I am getting there. As we were knee deep in research on Spain, another friend suggested we do a few days in Lisbon before we head to Barcelona. Sounded like a good idea so we researched Lisbon.

Researching Lisbon quickly turned into looking at beautiful photos of the beaches, reading about the delicious food and investigating the weather. Turns out that the beaches in Portugal are amazing, the weather is fantastic and the food is supposed to be delicious – and it’s less touristy than Spain. Armed with this information, we took a chance and decided to book a 19-day trip to Portugal. Since booking, we have been told by no less than ten people how fantastic it is.

We can’t wait!

Rough itinerary so far includes the following cities:
Lisbon – with day trips to Belem and Sintra
Braga ?
Coimbra ?
Lagos – day trips to Albufeira, Sagres, Faro

We hope you enjoy following us around Portugal over the next few weeks. When I say “we”, I am sure everyone knows who is the one doing the writing. I can picture it now, after a long day of sightseeing we are back in the room, myself at the computer and John fast asleep in bed 😉 If we end up a few days behind, it’s because I chose to sleep too!

Cherilyn & John